Personal Uses

  • The uses for our service are almost limitless! Think of it this way....In our daily lives there are many people we come in contact with that we simply dont know, they could have numerous issues in the past. We also have needs to find or locate people:

    Baby Sitter/Day Care Provider Check? Lost Friend? Lost School Mate? New Date/Love Interest? Suspicious Neighbor? Checking the Neighborhood for Sex Offenders. Discover your Family History! Need to find an Address? THE USES ARE MANY!!

  • Business Uses

    Check out a Potential Renter. Check out a Potential Employee or Business Partner, Contractor or Supplier! Be certain the Business People you deal with are not a threat to your Employees, Business or Family!

    (*Note, Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act standards apply to business situations and employees/potential employees examples of FCRA agreements are available in our Members Area however, you should consult with an Attorney whenever engaging in background checks for Business uses.)

We Provide Access to the Best Sources on the Net!

Our Resources are the most complete and UP TO DATE on the Internet. We provide do it yourself access to information and also list the best paid Background Check services for deep record checking and physical search needs.



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